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Physical Vapor Deposition

Shield Cleaning

M&K’s chemical refining process is ideally suited for the cleaning of deposition equipment and the reclamation of precious metals used in PVD processes. Our chemical cleaning process is gentler on tooling than bead blasting which can pit or warp shields thus shortening the life span of a shield kit. In conjunction with our service partner, we also offer surface treatment and coating as well as Class 100 parts cleaning and packaging for direct installation into customers' coating chambers.

Contaminated Parts

Chemically Cleaned Parts

CO2 Washed and Vac Bagged

M&K recovers precious metals from scrap materials associated with deposition processes.

These materials include:
  • exhausted targets

  • bead blast media

  • lift-off / mylar

  • skeletons

  • scrap wafers (silicon, gallium, glass)

  • Au/Pt flake

  • bell jar scrapings

Commonly Cleaned Tooling:
  • sputter shield kits

  • chamber liners

  • crucibles

  • evaporation boats

  • shutters

  • orbitals

  • hearths

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