Precious Metal Refining

Ownership delivers on over three decades of refining expertise. M&K distinguishes itself with the use of a chemical-based refining process that maximizes the recovery of precious metal scrap materials. Our state-of-the-art North Andover, MA headquarters is certified by a Massachusetts DEP B4 Level III Hazardous Waste Recycling Permit. “Green” chemical processing of gold, silver, and platinum group metals is recovered from encapsulated, clad, and plated material. A cyanide strip method is employed for gold-plated scrap products, with recovery and treatment of solutions also performed. Our processes result in zero discharge, emissions-free, efficient and “clean” recovery, along with quicker turnaround.

Our processes result in zero discharge, emissions-free, efficient and “clean” recovery, along with quicker turnaround.

Why You Need M&K for Precious Metal Refining

M&K Recovery Group offers more than thirty years of experience in precious metal refining and reclamation. Our environmentally sustainable refining process is efficient both in its recovery of precious metal scrap materials and its turnaround time, providing increased value to our customers. We are committed to maximizing the recovery of precious metal scrap materials while also upholding the most stringent environmental standards and satisfying our customers.

A Better Approach To Metal Refinement

The list of refining and recovery materials we process is extensive and comprehensive. We are able to refine both high and low grade materials that contain precious metals.

Refining Materials
  • Gold-plated scrap: Circuit boards, PGA, BGA, IC’s, connectors, plugs and pins

  • Gold, PGM’s from: Bell jar and deposition scrapings, Flake, Sand, Bead blast

  • Scrap IC packages, hybrid circuits

  • Used / Spent targets

  • Pt thermal couples and refractory waste

  • Rejected silicon or gallium wafers

  • Mylar (blue tape) “lift-off,” transfer or skeletons

  • Precious metal bearing pre-forms or cut-outs

  • Filters, resin columns and salts

  • Thick and thin film residue

Assay Services

M&K offers sample analysis to determine values of homogenous categories of material. Assay is achieved via atomic absorption spectrometry, x-ray, or fire assay. Analyzing sample material allows us to report values to our customers—and if approved, an outright purchase schedule of the material will be provided.

To learn more about our Refining and Assay Services, contact us today.

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