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IT Asset Disposition

Maximizing ROI: Remarket, Recycle, Refine

M&K is committed to protecting your IT assets. Our proven methods ensure safe and proper disposition of retired equipment. M&K’s inventory management system, provides a suite of ITAD tools, databases, processes, and reporting procedures which allow for the strategic management of retired IT assets, whether for re-deployment or disposal. Recycling of IT and electronics involves testing systems and subassemblies for refurbishment and remarketing. Obsolete and non-functional equipment is disassembled and components are segregated for recycling. 


Complete ITAD Portfolio

Our ITAD solution maximizes client asset recovery with a flexible program that is suited to the requirements of their business. Pure Recovery is achieved through comprehensive and secure reverse logistics, inventory management, and disposition reports.


Core Competencies

M & K provides unparalleled data protection and IT asset destruction

Protecting Your Data

M&K safeguards information stored on your assets through DOD 5220.22-M data wiping and physical destruction. All storage devices are serialized and tracked. We adhere to the data sanitization, purging, and destruction practices described in the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitation: Special Publication 800-88. For additional destruction details see Data Security.

Data Security

M&K knows how important proprietary data can be to the success or failure of an organization. With ever-growing corporate, government, and consumer demands for data protection, Data Security is an essential service of ITAD programs. Confidential information stored on end-of-life computers and electronics typically contain private, personal and corporate data that can be compromised if the products are not destroyed and recycled properly. Shredding and degaussing of hard drives and other electronic media eliminates the possibility of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. It is a solution driven by compliance, quality control and protection.


Each of our facilities house a state-of-the-art, 32-horsepower, four-shaft shredder designed to destroy five-hundred hard drives per hour. For Boston-area clients, in addition to shredding, we offer mobile degaussing with our Fujitsu ME-P3E unit which is listed on the NSA Degausser Approved Product List, NSA/CSS EPL-9-12A-B. Rare Earth Permanent Magnets provide total data elimination.


Destruction report includes Certificate of Destruction and Asset Serialization. All shredded material is recycled for intrinsic base and precious metal values.


Destruction Materials:

  • hard disk drives

  • tape media

  • CD/DVD

  • memory and flash modules

  • security tags/other electronic media

  • cell phones


Learn more about Data Destruction

Asset Trak

Chain-of-custody is the foundation for ITAD risk management and legal indemnification.


M & K’s web-based AssetTrak is an inventory process for the tracking and settlement of complete units, subassemblies, scrap material, and material for refining. With AssetTrak auditing, customers are provided the flexibility of customized reporting, reverse logistics, and the asset management solution suited to their requirements.  All remarketed, recycled, and destroyed assets are issued the appropriate certificate for your permanent records. Lot Settlements and Downstream Reporting assure environmental compliance, in addition to final disposition of all products redeployed or recycled.


No Hazardous Waste is Landfilled.

Our compliant, “Zero Waste” environmental management system assures vendors their IT assets are disposed of properly: de-manufacturing and segregation of material is conducted in R2:2013 certified facilities. Serialization and tracking of product ensures final disposition of all hazardous and non-hazardous material recycled. Your assets are accounted for and potential risk and liability is eliminated.

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