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Decades of Experience
IT Asset Disposition

M&K is committed to protecting your IT assets. Our proven methods ensure safe and proper disposition of retired equipment. M&K’s inventory management system, allows for the strategic management of retired IT assets, whether for re-deployment or disposal. Recycling of IT and electronics involves testing systems and sub-assemblies for refurbishment and re-marketing.

Precious Metal Refining

M&K distinguishes itself with the use of a chemical-based refining process that maximizes the recovery of precious metal scrap materials. Our state-of-the-art North Andover, MA headquarters is certified by a Massachusetts DEP B4 Level III Hazardous Waste Recycling Permit. Our processes result in zero discharge, emissions-free, efficient and “clean” recovery, along with quicker turnaround.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

M&K’s chemical refining process is ideally suited for the cleaning of deposition equipment and the reclamation of precious metals used in PVD processes. The chemical cleaning process is gentler on tooling than bead blasting which can pit or warp shields thus shortening the life span of a shield kit. In conjunction with our service partner, we also offer surface treatment and coating as well as Class 100 parts cleaning and packaging for direct installation into customers' coating chambers.

About Us

Protecting the environment and our clients is M&K’s top priority. No hazardous wastes are sent to landfills. Our product knowledge and processing expertise combined with the broadest spectrum of in-house electronics recycling capabilities, including state-of-the-art chemical refining, shredding, and testing, allow us to maximize your ROI.

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